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Never Plead Guilty to DUI or DWI charges until you are fully informed.

Never assume you'll be found guilty.

Never plead guilty to drinking and driving charges like DUI or DWI. Before you do anything, get fully informed about the case against you. Find out if there's a way to keep your driver's license and avoid a criminal record. The best way to learn your options is to speak to a lawyer.

Get an expert on your side. Speak to a DUI lawyer or DWI attorney today.

If I failed the breath test, am I guilty?

You might think you don't have a defense if you failed the breath test. That's not the case. Breath-testing machines are not perfect. Neither are the police officers operating them. If a mistake has been made, the test results can be excluded from the evidence against you. This means a judge or jury may never hear that you failed the breath test.

You'd be surprised how often this happens.

But what if I was drinking and driving?

You might think you'll lose if you were drinking and driving. Think again.

First of all, in most jurisdictions it's not against the law to drink and drive. That's where the law gets complicated and you need a good lawyer.

DUI and DWI cases are complex. There are hundreds of ways an experienced DUI attorney or DWI lawyer can win these cases. Never assume you'll be convicted just because you were drinking and driving.

Get the facts about your charges.

Many people enter a guilty plea only to learn that they had an absolute defense to the charges. Don't assume anything. Some small point may be the very thing that saves you from being convicted. A DUI lawyer knows how to find that point.

Never plead guilty to any drinking and driving charge until you are fully informed. Find out if the prosecution can prove its case. If it can't, the charges against you must be dismissed.

Find out if you have a defense to your DUI/DWI charges. There are many ways to defend a against drinking and driving charges, even if you failed the breath test and your readings were over the legal limit.

Find out if you can enter a plea to a lesser offence. You may be able to plead guilty to reduced charges (like a traffic ticket) and keep your driver's license.

Finally, find out what the penalties are for a DUI/DWI conviction. They can be severe. Penalties for drunk driving convictions can include:

  • A criminal record
  • Jail
  • Fines
  • Higher insurance payments
  • Temporary or permanent loss of your driver's licence
  • Losing your job, if you depend on your licence for work

Learn your options before you plead guilty. Once you've entered a guilty plea, it's difficult, or even impossible, to withdraw it.

You can still plead guilty after you receive advice from an impaired driving/DUI lawyer or DWI attorney.